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Needed Translations

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Hello shooter,

cause of eu data protection basic regulation 2018, we have to make some changes in MOS.

So we need the following two expressions in all our languages:

Expression 1: "Your email address has not been verified. Please check your mail and activate your access."

Expression 2: "Send email again"

You can see all languages, we have at top of MOS screen.

If you want to help us, please send the two translated expressions together with the language, you translated to, to


Thanks a lot for helping



Changes in Editor of mailsystem

There are no translations available.

Dear admin,

we changed the editor modul in mailsystem of MOS.
The reason was, that many admins had problems with using this system and used copy/paste with word as source.
The problem was, that many mails didn't transfered correct to the shooter.

Please do not use old mails - delete them - and use the new editor without copy and paste from word or anything else.
The mails will be saved, so you can use it again and again  - also in other matches.

Feel free to contact me, if you have problem with the new editor.

Another feature: We add a "Testmail to admin" button in the mail system - so you can try your mail before you will send it to the shooters.

Admin of MOS


MOS matches 2018

There are no translations available.

After a successful year 2017 (first time, we organized a shotgun level III match and first time, we organized a grand tournament) we start looking on our matches for 2018.

Most shooters had great fun to shoot two matches at the same weekend, so we decided to continue with that system in 2018 and want to offer three grand tournament events.

But this is not possible without help. So we decided to organize those matches in 2018 together with Club Leiko from Pilzen, like this year (MOS Autumn and S&B Cup in October).

In 2018 we start with another double event (two level III handgun machtes on the same range). In July and September, we go on with another two Grand Tournament events (Handgun and Shotgun).
All matches will be shot on one day, so you can shoot 2x14 stages handgun in spring, win two times, shoot in same or in different divisions, or shoot handgun and shotgun with two-gun scoring at one weekend).

Please save the following dates for 2018:

26.+27. May 2018
MOS Spring Handgun Level III 15 Stages
Grand Prix Sellier & Bellot Handgun Level III 15 Stages

30.6.+1. July 2018
MOS Summer Handgun Level III 15 Stages
MOS Summer Shotgun Level III 12 Stages

29.+30. September 2018
MOS Autumn Handgun Level III 14 Stages
S&B Cup Shotgun Level III 14 Stages

Hope to see you at the range

Guenter Friedrich
Roman Sedy


There are no translations available.

See Menue MOS -> for shooters

We reactivate "for shooters" in MOS menue - here you find information about using the MOS as shooter.
Grandualy we will publish her shooter information for better work with MOS.

Shooter tips



There are no translations available.

Please check your shooter data - here IPSC region:

We saw, that many new shooter didn't check the shooter maindata after registration.
Please check your shooter maindata and set "My personal data are up-to-date and correct at the bottom of the page.

Here a PDF how to do that and how to set some other data in shooters account.




Match graphic in matchlist

There are no translations available.

To all match organisation teams:

We decide to open the upload tool for a graphic in the matchlist to all match administrators.

It is implemented in the "graphic upload" part under "before printing".

This graphic can be uploaded for all level III matches to emphasize the match in the matchlist.

Remember, that this graphic will be displayed INSTEAD of matchname AND place.

So it will be perfect, that your graphic include this data.

Have fun with the new fuction.


There are no translations available.


Für Matchadministratoren: Auswahl der Schießanlage in den Matchdaten
For matchadmins: select the shooting range in matchdata

Eine neue Funktion erlaubt es die Google Maps Daten der Schießanlage den Schützen zur Navigation bereit zu stellen.
In den Matchstammdaten kann die Range ausgewählt werden, anschließend hat der Schütze die Möglichkeit sich die Lage der Range in Google Maps anzeigen zu lassen.

Neue Ranges müssen uns per Mail unter Angabe des Names der Range und der Google Koordinaten mitgeteilt werden. Nach Prüfung wird die Range ins MOS eingetragen.

A new function makes possible to store the shooting range in match maindata, so shooter is able to use google maps for navigation to the range. Select the match in match maindata, after that, shooter is able to find the range with a link in match details.

If your range is not selectable, send us an e-mail with name of match and google coordinates. We check your data and will append your range.


There are no translations available.


Bitte überprüft Eure Stammdaten

Nachdem mittlerweile einige Schützen nicht für die Region schießen, in der sie wohnen, haben wir vor einiger Zeit in die Stammdaten der Schützen die IPSC Region, die IPSC-Nummer und den IPSC Alias aufgenommen.

Scheinbar wird das aber von den Schützen unzureichend geplfegt.

Wir bitten alle Schützen kurzfristig ihre Stammdaten zu prüfen und diese Felder ggfs. zu ergänzen.

Folgende Felder sind wichtig:

Name, Vorname, Geburtsdatum, Land
e-Mail, IPSC-Region - ohne diese Felder ist keine Übernahme ins WinMSS möglich!!

Folgende Felder können aus Datenschutzgründen weggelassen werden, erleichtern aber den Veranstaltern oft die Arbeit:

Adresse, Telefonnummer(n), IPSC-Nummer, IPSC Alias, Passdaten

Die Felder Zeitzone, Datumsformat sind Felder, um die Listen und Anzeigen entsprechend zu korrigieren.

Es wäre super, wenn ihr die Überarbeitung Eurer Daten mit den Feld "Meine Daten sind aktuell" ganz unten  abschließen würdet.

Meldet Euch einfach, wenn ihr hierzu Fragen habt.


Please check your shooter maindata

Some shooters live in one country and are member of an IPSC Region of another country. We changed the MOS so that you are able to store your living country AND your IPSC region.

But some shooter didn't save the IPSC region, so the match orga teams have problem with import of matchdata to WinMSS.

Please check your shooter maindata and correct the wrong and empty fields.

The following fields are important:

familiy name, given name, date of birth, e-mail, IPSC region. - without this data, the import to WinMSS is not possible.

The following fields are not necessary, but they help the match orga teams to contact you:

address, phone number(s), ipsc number, ipsc alias, passport data.

The fields timezone and format of date help you to display the matchdata in a nice format.

It will be great, if you select "My personal data are up-to-date and correct" every time after changing your data.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.


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