MOS League 2016
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Bayerische Meisterschaft IPSC Shotgun
Be able to shoot 2017 - Strike 3
PCB Serial V / 2017
AJS Monatsmatch
18th Ironhands Level III Match

MOS Autumn in Oparany

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With  MOS Summer, we tried to do two Level III matches on one weekend.
So shooter can decide, to shoot only handgun, only shotgun or both matches.
Every match will be shot in one day and we applied IPSC for a "2 gun grand tournament" with this two matches.

This event was proved popular by many shooters, so we decided to hold another 2 Gun Match.

The MOS Autumn will be held also in Czech Republic. Together with Club Leiko we will organize the following event:

MOS Autumn Handgun Level III - to be shot on one day - Saturday or Sunday (21th or 22nd of October)
AND - at the same weekend:
Sellier & Bellot Cup Shotgun Level III - to be shot on one day - Saturday or Sunday  (21th or 22nd of October)

These two matches will also be a 2 Gun grand tournament.

In the next days, we will open the registration for this two matches. Be carefull, not to register both matches at the same day!



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9mm Luger von ZVS


Verfügbar ab Mitte Mai 2017!
Bestellungen werden ab sofort bei unserem Sponsor Blue-Gun-Store per mail angenommen.

An Endkunden nur gegen Erwerbsberechtigung und mit personalisiertem Versand.

Technische Daten:

Geschoss 8,0g / 124 gr
Geschossart FMJ
Länge (mm) 29,69
V0 (m/s) 360
E0 (J) 518
Patronen/Box 50
Boxen/Karton 20
Karton Gewicht (kg) 13,2
Packung mit 50 Schuss 12,50 Eur  
ab 5 Pack (250 Schuss) 11,75 Eur 6% Rabatt
ab 10 Pack (500 Schuss) 11,25 Eur 10% Rabatt
ab 20 Pack (1000 Schuss) 10,00 Eur 20% Rabatt
ab 80 Pack (4000 Schuss) 9,63 Eur 23% Rabatt



EHC - European Handgun Championship

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Dear shooter,

we want to inform you, that the MOS app is free for all during EHC 2016.

Time for free use starts at 3rd of October and ends at 10th of October.

For sure, the app is also free for all other shooter - NOT SHOOTING THE EHC ;-)

Have fun.
Guenter and Martin

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See Menue MOS -> for shooters

We reactivate "for shooters" in MOS menue - here you find information about using the MOS as shooter.
Grandualy we will publish her shooter information for better work with MOS.

Shooter tips



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Please check your shooter data - here IPSC region:

We saw, that many new shooter didn't check the shooter maindata after registration.
Please check your shooter maindata and set "My personal data are up-to-date and correct at the bottom of the page.

Here a PDF how to do that and how to set some other data in shooters account.




Match graphic in matchlist

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To all match organisation teams:

We decide to open the upload tool for a graphic in the matchlist to all match administrators.

It is implemented in the "graphic upload" part under "before printing".

This graphic can be uploaded for all level III matches to emphasize the match in the matchlist.

Remember, that this graphic will be displayed INSTEAD of matchname AND place.

So it will be perfect, that your graphic include this data.

Have fun with the new fuction.


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Winner of MOS League 2015

Overall                              Category


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Für Matchadministratoren: Auswahl der Schießanlage in den Matchdaten
For matchadmins: select the shooting range in matchdata

Eine neue Funktion erlaubt es die Google Maps Daten der Schießanlage den Schützen zur Navigation bereit zu stellen.
In den Matchstammdaten kann die Range ausgewählt werden, anschließend hat der Schütze die Möglichkeit sich die Lage der Range in Google Maps anzeigen zu lassen.

Neue Ranges müssen uns per Mail unter Angabe des Names der Range und der Google Koordinaten mitgeteilt werden. Nach Prüfung wird die Range ins MOS eingetragen.

A new function makes possible to store the shooting range in match maindata, so shooter is able to use google maps for navigation to the range. Select the match in match maindata, after that, shooter is able to find the range with a link in match details.

If your range is not selectable, send us an e-mail with name of match and google coordinates. We check your data and will append your range.



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